Infinitely Better

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Boost Infinite is unlimited wireless for just $25/mo. Add up to 5 lines per account. 

We put our energy into Simple and Affordable because that's How Mobile Should Be.


Let's Lay It Out:

Legit Value


Same coverage you'd expect from the best at half the price.


Real Reliability


Superfast 5G on one of America's top networks


Simple Service


The last wireless plan you'll ever need. One price. One plan. No strings.


The Infinite Unlimited Plan.

  • $25/mo. Forever. No one can predict the future. You can predict our price.
  • Nothing extra. Save extra for the guac. We offer only the things you need, like phone financing plans and protection plans. 
  • No calculus. It's easy to add up to 5 lines to an account. Each line is just $25 per month. We like easy math.  
  • No hidden fees. Just taxes. No activation fees here. Just state and federal taxes, plus surcharges (it's an American thing). 
  • We're locked in. You're not. You can bail anytime. No hard feelings.


Better, faster, smarter.


Our Infinite Unlimited plan price will never change (now that's a change) so we spend all our free time working on the better, faster and smarter. Get comfy knowing that we’re just getting started. You’ve come to the right place.




Members using >30GB/mo. may experience lower speeds.
Members on the Infinite Unlimited $25/mo. plan get the same price as long as they remain active.

Boost Infinite Infinitely Better

Have questions? Call us at (866) 957-7772. We're available everyday: 6 a.m. - 10 p.m. MST