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May 14 2024

Immerse Yourself in Incredible Sights & Sound with the All-New moto g 5G on the Boost Network

Customers can now purchase the latest moto g 5G in-stores and online at &

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March 5 2024

Get Travel Ready with Boost Infinite's Latest Global Roaming Solution

Boost Infinite customers can stay connected in destinations across the world

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January 31 2024

Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Now Available for Purchase with Infinite Access for Galaxy

Purchase the latest Samsung Galaxy S24+ now, and get your device on us—no trade-in required!

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January 17 2024

Pre-Order the Samsung Galaxy S24 Series Now with Infinite Access for Galaxy from Boost Infinite

Sign up for Infinite Access for Galaxy and pre-order the all-new S24+ with double the storage – on us!

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January 8 2024

Take the Boost Wireless Network to the MAX with the All-New Celero5G+ and Celero5G

Boost Mobile and Boost Infinite customers get superfast, pure 5G on the Boost Wireless Network at an unbeatable price.

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January 4 2024

Infinite Access for Galaxy from Boost Infinite to Launch this Month

Get access to the latest Samsung Galaxy smartphone every year and unlimited talk, text and data starting at $60/mo. with Boost Infinite's new Infinite Access for Galaxy plan.

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November 30 2023

The Boost Wireless Network is Now Live in Billings, MT; Cincinnati, OH; Columbia, SC; Denver, CO; Fayetteville, NC; Jacksonville, FL; Minneapolis, MN; Philadelphia, PA; Portland, OR; Shreveport, LA; Tucson, AZ; and Washington, DC Markets

The Boost Wireless Network is now available with 5G voice to 140 million Americans nationwide.

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November 28 2023

Boost Wireless Network Goes Live in Denver, Offering Superfast 5G Coverage at an Affordable Price

The Boost Wireless Network with 5G voice is now available to 140 million people across 89 markets.

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September 22 2023

iPhone 15 Lineup is Available for Purchase with Boost Infinite

Infinite Access for iPhone Delivers iPhone 15 Pro with Boost Infinite and the Latest iPhone Every Year at Only $60/mo. – No Trade-in Required to Get Started

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September 15 2023

Boost Infinite – Get iPhone 15 Pro On Us and Latest iPhone Every Year at Only $60/mo. – No Trade-In Required to Get Started

The iPhone 15 lineup is available to pre-order starting on Friday, September 15. For the first time, iPhone 15 is available on the Boost Wireless Network.

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September 12 2023

The iPhone 15 Lineup Is Available To Pre-Order At Boost Infinite Starting On Friday, September 15

Get access to the latest iPhone every year for only $60/mo. and unlimited talk, text and data with Boost Infinite's new Infinite Access for iPhone plan.

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August 10 2023

Boost Delivers New Option for Device Protection

Boost Infinite and Boost Mobile customers can sign up for an all-new device protection program starting at $8/month, including AppleCare Services.

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July 26 2023

Boost Infinite Brings Its $25/Month Unlimited Postpaid Plan to Amazon with Exclusive Prime Member Deal

Amazon Prime members are automatically pre-qualified to sign up for Boost Infinite's $25/month wireless plan seamlessly from the comfort of home.

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June 9 2023

$50/Month Gets You Unlimited Wireless Service and iPhone 14 On Us Only at Boost Infinite

Infinite Unlimited+ has arrived offering access to an infinitely better wireless experience, with unlimited data, talk and text, and, for the first time, iPhone 14 on us.

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May 9 2023

Motorola Edge+ Now Available on Boost Infinite

Enjoy the stunning beauty and exquisite comfort of a quad-curved endless edge design. Unleash your potential with industry-leading Snapdragon® 8 performance. Find your edge with the motorola edge+.

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Feb 17 2023

Samsung's Newest Galaxy S Series Smartphones Now Available

Samsung’s latest premium smartphones have arrived, with the Galaxy S23 series delivering advanced camera features and powerful processing in an eco-conscious design.

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Jan 26 2023

Introducing Boost Mobile's All-New Exclusive Celero 5G & Celero 5G+

Building on the success and high-demand of the inaugural Celero, the 2023 Celero 5G+ and Celero 5G connects customers to premium experiences at affordable prices.

Source: Boost Mobile Media Room

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