Infinitely Better™

We believe in Infinitely Better.™ Our customers get exclusive access to the latest and greatest devices powered by Boost Wireless, America’s Smart Network™. Expect the best phone, best value, and best network—and nothing less

Powered by America's

Smart Network™

America’s Smart Network™ is a nationwide ecosystem of the most reliable and advanced wireless carriers in the palm of your hand. The Boost Wireless Network, combined with two of America’s top 5G networks, offers unparalleled coverage with the power of three for the first time.

Smart Coverage

Smart coverage is exactly as it sounds — an unmatched experience more intuitive than the networks of today. Because it is.

Power of Three Networks

We brought together three of America’s 5G networks to give you unparalleled nationwide coverage. Seamlessly switch between networks based on your location. 

Pure 5G

Our network natively handles voice and data, for a true next-gen experience. 

We transcend traditional network limits. Our cloud-first approach, powered by AWS, promises performance and cost savings that pass onto you. 

Best Phone

We make it easy to get first-in-line access to the very best smart phones and devices. Only the newest technology is compatible with America’s Smart Network™ and that’s why we send you a new iPhone every year with the Infinite Access for iPhone plan. 

Best Value

We don’t lock the good prices behind family plans, contracts, or fine print. Straightforward pricing means you get the same coverage as the major carriers for half the price and none of the headache. 

Best Network

Experience next-level 5G no matter where you are, with America’s Smart Network™ and three of the country’s most reliable networks. Crisp sound, clear connection, and seamless voice calling, powered by Boost Wireless. 

Pick your perfect plan.

Unlimited talk, text & data with superfast 5G on any of our plans. That’s a given.


We made it simple to select and customize the perfect wireless plan for your lifestyle. Getting set up is even easier.

Everything you need.

All the things you want.

Straightforward pricing

Add as many (or as few) lines as you need, up to 5 lines. The price per line stays the same. 

Flexibility that matters

Customize a plan with only the things you care about, like data hotspot, International Connect, Speed Pass, and more.

No hidden fees

Activation fees? Minimum line requirements? Never heard of it. Just pay the taxes and surcharge fees. 

Real human support

We’re here for you. Get help from a real person when and where you need it with our Boost Buddy support system.  

Get Support From Your Boost Buddy

We’re here for you. Get help from a real person when and where you need it. Your Boost Buddy is a dedicated and friendly partner for tech support and help getting  up and running on Boost Infinite.

What Our Members Are Saying

“Absolutely the best service where I live! It was so hard to find a carrier that I would have signal and get my phone calls. I am extremely happy with Boost Infinite and will continue to refer as many people as I can to this service provider! Thank you!” 

“I am extremely satisfied with the quality of coverage and the value of services.  Additionally, the few times I've had to contact customer care, they were very friendly, helpful, and professional. With this type of service, I plan to be a Boost Infinite customer for a long time. Keep up the great job!” 

“I chose to switch to Boost Infinite in part due to what I was seeing online about the excellent customer service with B.I. even when compared to Boost Mobile.  Each interaction I've had with B.I. customer reps has been great! Please uphold this level of service in the future and I will be a very loyal customer.”  

Easy to Join.

Simple to Upgrade.

Unlimited talk, text & data with superfast 5G for just $25/mo. No hidden fees, minimum line requirements, or in-store visits required. Yes, seriously.

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