It’s Easy to

Customize Your Plan

Take control of your experience and craft the perfect plan with our Add-Ons. Explore the possibilities, 
mix and match and take your plan way beyond basic. You can enable our Add-Ons after your account 
is fully set up.  Do it though the app, or by giving us a quick call at (866) 957-7772.


Explore our suite of plan Add-Ons. Customize your plan with extras like more data, international features and hotspot. Pick the perfect Add-Ons that fit your lifestyle and make your experience Infinitely Better™.


Data Hotspot 

Turn your data into Wi-Fi. Use up to 30GB per billing cycle as a hotspot.


High-Speed Data 

Stay in the fast lane. Add 10 additional gigs of high-speed data to your plan.


Premium Visual Voicemail 

Android Only. Transcribe your voicemail into text in the Visual Voicemail app.


Our suite of international Add-Ons helps you stay in touch with friends & family abroad. These are great additions if you’re looking to stay connected while you travel or need to make calls to other countries.


North America Connect 

Family and friends in Canada or Mexico? Stay in touch while traveling throughout North America.


Global Talk & Text 

Stay connected from the U.S. to the people you love, all around the world. Enjoy talk and text to over 200 destinations.

$20/mo. Introductory Pricing

Global Roaming 

Stay in touch with friends and family back home while traveling abroad. Take advantage of our introductory price of just $20/mo. That's less than $1/day!  Learn more

Boost Protect
with AppleCare

$12- $18/mo

Boost Protect with AppleCare services includes service and support from Apple, with certified repairs at Apple Stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers using genuine Apple parts, and 24/7 priority access to Apple Support.

Boost Protect

$8 - $18/mo. 

Our comprehensive phone protection program designed to cover 
you in the event of theft, damage or loss. Give yourself peace of mind 
by protecting what you can't live without. Learn more


You can find more information about available Add-Ons and options to customize your plan in our Add-On Guide on the Boost Infinite support pages.

You can only enable Add-Ons after your Boost Infinite account is fully set up and activated. Once you’ve done that, you can enable or disable your Add-Ons through the Boost Infinite app or by reaching out to Customer Care at (866) 957-7772. Once active, Add-Ons will stay on your line until removed.

When you activate an Add-On mid-billing cycle, you gain instant access to its features. Your subsequent bill will display two charges: the amount for the initial month and the charge for the current month. Rest assured, this is not a double charge; the Add-On will only appear twice on your first bill after activating on a line.

If you don’t need an Add-On anymore, no worries! They can be removed at any time, but you’ll still continue to enjoy the benefits until the end of your current billing cycle. Keep in mind, full charges will apply for that billing cycle, even if removed early. You also can't remove Add-Ons if your account is in a suspended status.

Wi-Fi calling is a free feature for many devices and is a great solution when traveling abroad. Enable Wi-Fi calling on your device: (do this before you leave North America.)

  • iPhones
  • Samsung Devices
  • Other Android Devices

In addition to Wi-Fi calling, there are other communication apps that can help you stay connected while you are traveling internationally. Below are some examples that work over Wi-Fi and only require an internet connection.

  • WhatsApp
  • FaceTime
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Skype

eSIM: Purchasing and activating an international eSIM at allows you 
to use data while traveling abroad. If you're using an eSIM, you can switch seamlessly between your Boost Infinite and local eSIMs in your device settings.


Compatibility: iPhone XR and newer are compatible with eSIM. Many other devices 
are compatible, click here to find out if your device is eligible.


Important Note: Your phone must be unlocked to utilize an eSIM purchased 


SIM Card: After activating with a local provider, simply replace your Boost Infinite SIM card with the newly activated local SIM card. Please remember to keep your Boost Infinite SIM card in a safe place so you can swap it back when you return home.


Important Note: Your phone must be unlocked in order to use another network’s SIM card. 
If you have any questions, please call us at +1 (702) 984-7441 to talk to an international specialist.