Infinite Access

for iPhone

Unlimited talk, text and data starting at $60/mo.

  • Get the latest iPhone every year
  • New iPhone 15 on us, today
  • $0 down, no trade-in required
  • Powerful coverage from 3 major networks
  • Save up to 40% on your monthly wireless bill vs. competitors*

Select Your Phone


iPhone 15

$0 Down Today + Taxes
No trade-in needed


iPhone 15 Plus

+$2.78/mo. + Taxes
No trade-in needed


iPhone 15 Pro

+$4.72/mo. + Taxes
No trade-in needed


iPhone 15 Pro Max

+$10.28/mo. + Taxes
No trade-in needed

How It Works


Purchase Infinite Access for iPhone

Just pick your iPhone 15, pay sales tax on the phone, then check out. No trade-in necessary to get started. 


Activate Your New Phone

Get up and running on your own with just a few quick taps or get help from a real person by calling 866-957-8278. 


Enjoy Unlimited Wireless

Get unlimited talk, text and data with reliable nationwide coverage  anywhere you go. 


Get the Latest iPhone Every Year

When you request your free annual upgrade, we’ll ship your new phone to your door and you send your old one back. 

Coverage Powered

By 3 Networks

Boost Infinite combines three major networks for the strongest coverage possible. No matter what. 

  • Smart Switching between 3 wireless networks
  • Unparalleled nationwide coverage 

We’ve Got Your Back

Support Powered By Real People

Your Boost Buddy is a tech support partner dedicated to helping get you up and running on Boost Infinite. We’re available every day from 6am - 10pm MST. Give us a call at 866-957-7772.

Try It for 30 Days

If you don’t love your experience after 30 days, we’ll refund you completely — guaranteed.

We’ve Got Answers to All Your Questions

Starting at $60/month, Infinite Access for iPhone allows you to get the latest iPhone with built-in unlimited wireless delivered right to your door. Twelve months later, we’ll do it all again with a convenient box to return your old device. It’s the easiest way to get the newest and latest iPhone every year.

Along with the latest iPhone every year, Infinite Access for iPhone gives you unlimited wireless on America’s Smart Network™, a nationwide ecosystem of the most advanced network coverage in the palm of your hand. We’ve combined three of America’s top 5G networks, providing unparalleled coverage.

Additional benefits include:

  • Latest iPhone every year
  • No trade-in required to get started
  • iPhone 15 included today
  • Access to America’s Smart Network™
  • Unlimited talk, text & data
  • Mexico & Canada talk, text and data
  • Talk & Text to over 200 global destinations

This offer is available for credit qualified, new and existing members. No trade-ins or line requirements to get started.

When signing up for Infinite Access for iPhone, you will pay taxes on the full List Price of your phone plus $60 for your first month of service, which will be credited back to you on your first month’s wireless service bill. iPhone 15 models over $829.99 will result in an additional monthly charge.

Other than taxes and applicable local surcharges, what you see is what you get. Unlike most carriers, Boost Infinite provides transparent pricing so you know exactly what you will be billed.

After 12 consecutive monthly payments, you have the option to trade in your phone for the latest iPhone. When ready, request your new iPhone via the Boost Infinite App and we’ll send the latest model to your door with a box and shipping label for your trade-in. Once your trade-in is received, it will be evaluated for any damage.

Note: You are not required to upgrade after 12 months. If you love your phone, you can stick with it. Your phone will be fully paid off after 36 monthly payments.

For both new and existing members, we’ll run a soft credit check at the time of checkout. Don’t worry, this has no impact on your credit score. New members can purchase online. As an existing member, you’ll see the option to upgrade in the Boost Infinite app under your account.

Each year you’ll have access to the latest iPhone model. You also have the flexibility to upgrade to larger storage capacity and the ability to get other available models for an additional monthly charge.

In addition to North America and Global Talk & Text (included in Infinite Access for iPhone), you can customize your service by adding Data Hotspot or High-Speed Data 10GB:

  • Data Hotspot: turn your phone into a high-speed access point by drawing from your plan’s data. You can use up to 30GB per billing cycle as a hotspot - $10/mo.
  • High-Speed Data 10GB: add 10GB of high-speed data to bump up your line from 30GB to 40GB of data per month - $10/mo.

You can enable Add-Ons at any time through the Boost Infinite app or by calling Customer Care at (866) 957-7772.

You can have up to 5 lines per account.

Sign up for Boost Protect with AppleCare Services and rest easy knowing your phone is protected. It covers you in the event of phone loss, theft, accidental damage and out-of-warranty mechanical or electrical breakdown. Call us at (866) 957-7772 to add Boost Protect with Apple Care services to your plan today.

To be eligible for the latest iPhone model, you’re responsible for making sure the iPhone you ship to us is in good working order. If there’s damage to your iPhone, you’ll have to pay the full retail price. We strongly recommend getting Boost Protect With AppleCare Services at checkout as it covers you in the event of phone loss, theft, accidental damage and out-of-warranty mechanical or electrical breakdown.

You don’t want to put yourself at risk and miss out on your free iPhone upgrade because of a cracked phone. Keep in mind, upgrading to the latest iPhone every year isn’t required. If your iPhone is damaged and you aren’t covered by insurance, you can continue to use that iPhone for the full 36-month financing agreement or until it’s paid off. After that, you’re free to upgrade to the latest model with no trade-in required.

No. This plan is only available for the latest model of a device. 

*Actual savings will vary. Based on an October 2023 comparison of leading competitors’ offers for iPhone 15.


Boost Infinite Access for iPhone: Requires Autopay and 36-month finance agreement. Qualified customers only. Members using more than their high-speed data allotment may experience slower speeds. Certain iPhone models may not be available. Taxes and regulatory fees/surcharges extra. Other restrictions apply, see here for details.