Thank you for activating your Boost Infinite service. The activation process may take up to an hour to complete. Please insert the new physical SIM card into your phone once service is no longer available on your current SIM.Note that each SIM’s ICCID number is tied to a phone number in step 1 below. Once that is complete please follow instructions in step 2 below to update your phone’s APN settings.

  • Insert the physical SIM card into your phone.
  • NOTE: If using eSIM with an iPhone XS or newer, ensure that your WiFi is turned and that your phone's software has been updated to the latest iOS. Then follow the pop-up instructions.

  • Update your phone's APN settings.
  • By updating your APN settings, you’ll be able to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS) and use mobile data to connect to the internet.

    Android phone

    Update your APN settings using the CarrierApp

    The easiest and fastest way to update your APN settings is using CarrierApp. CarrierApp runs in the background and isn't displayed in your app menu, but it’ll automatically detect your SIM card and configure your phone for you.

    Step 1. Go to the Google Play Store and install CarrierApp.
    Step 2. Restart your phone.
    Step 3. The CarrierApp will update your APN settings for you.

    Keep in Mind:

    1. Your Android phone will need to be updated to Android 7 or newer for the CarrierApp to work
    2. The CarrierApp will only update your APN settings when you've inserted your Boost
    Infinite SIM card. Installing CarrierApp will not affect your existing APN settings if
    you're still under your current carrier during the transfer/port to complete
    3. Ensure the pSIM is toggled ON within SIM manager
    4. Uninstalling the app after you've updated your APN settings will not undo your changes


    To start using your newly activated iPhone with Boost Infinite,
    you'll need to follow a few additional steps:

    Step 1. Check your iOS version.
    1.Open your Settings app
    2.Go to General and select Software Update.
    3.Choose the option to update to iOS 15.2 or later. This is the minimum iOS version
    4.your phone needs to work properly on the Boost Infinite network.
    Step 2. Return to the General page.
    Step 3. Go to About. A pop-up will appear (it may take up to 30 seconds).
    Step 4. Tap Update and verify that the Carrier is at least Boost 49.1.

    You’re ready to start using the power of Boost Infinite!

  • Welcome to the Boost Infinite! Download the Boost Infinite app to create an Infinite account and manage you service

Starting on August 20, 2023 we will begin to transition Republic service to Boost Infinite. This will happen seamlesslessly and you will receive a notification when complete.