If your questions aren't answered below, or if you need any help with activation, please call us at 833-558-5820

What is Boost Infinite?
Boost Infinite is a wireless carrier focused on a simple, reliable and affordable mobile experience.
Boost Infinite is part of DISH Wireless' larger mission to change the way the world communicates with the next generation of wireless with a simple, affordable and reliable option for everyone. To learn more about Boost Infinite please see more information here:

Why am I being moved to Boost Infinite?
Republic Wireless will stop operating as a stand alone wireless carrier, and wireless service for all Republic customers will transition to Boost Infinite. You will stay on the same network that you’re receiving signal on. You will get more data plus superfast 5G across the country as a result of this transition.

Will I have coverage on Boost Infinite?
You will be staying on the same network that you were on before the migration, so your coverage will be the same as it was before.

Will I need a new phone?
No. Your phone will move over with you as you transition to Boost Infinite. You can also purchase a new phone at after you activate your wireless service.

MyChoice Plan only - Do I need to do anything as a result of this switch?
Yes. You are on a plan that requires a new SIM card to transition you to the Boost Infinite network. You must swap your current SIM card for this SIM card to continue your cell service experience and avoid any rate or service disruptions. You may lose your phone number if you fail to switch.

Before you swap your SIM card please activate it at . Additional instructions have been sent to your email.

If you lose your card, please call us at 833-558-5820 and we will mail you a replacement SIM card.

Note: Customers on Republic Wireless’ MyChoice plan need a new SIM to transition to Boost Infinite. Customers on the Only What You Need, Everything You Want and Everywhere You Go plan do not need a new SIM and will be contacted separately.

MyChoice Plan only - How do I activate and swap out my SIM card?
You have two ways to easily swap your SIM.

Go Online- Reference your Republic Wireless email with your login instructions Connect to WiFi and scan the QR code or go to Login using the information in your email Follow the online instructions to activate your Boost Infinite service Once the service is active, install your SIM card and follow post activation instructions found on the website

Call Care- Call care from a separate phone at 833-558-5820 and our care team will help you with the SIM activation process

5.0 Plans only - I’m a Republic Wireless Customer on the Only What You Need, Everything You Want or Everywhere You Go plan that
received an email stating that my service is transitioning over to Boost Infinite; do I have to change providers?
You should have received an email stating that your service will move over to Boost Infinite, explaining your new plan and account details. It will also ask you to update your billing information to make sure it is correct. You'll receive another email stating that you’ve transitioned over to Boost Infinite and to verify your billing information if you haven’t done so already. If you take no action, your service will move automatically.
Note - If you are on the Only What you Need, Everything You Want or Everywhere You Go plan you do not need a SIM swap to transition to Boost Infinite. This will happen seamlessly in the background.

If I call Boost Infinite customer service, can they help me move my services?
No. They will be able to help you after you’ve migrated with regular customer care questions. If you have migration related questions, you will need to call
833-588-5820 or we can transfer your call to them.

What’s happening with my current plan?
When you transition to Boost Infinite, your plan will change to Infinite's $25 plan. We keep it super simple - the Boost Infinite Unlimited plan for $25/mo gets you unlimited data, talk and text, superfast 5G on one of America's top networks, the ability to add up to 5 lines per account, and the flexibility of our entire Add-Ons suite.

To learn more about Boost Infinite’s plan go here -

How will Infinite billing work?
You will be moving from month-in-advance billing to postpaid billing. The day that you activate, your autopay will start 15 days later, and then every 30 days your autopay will take place on that date. Based on the date that you activate, we provide a prorated credit to make sure your new transitioned billing is accurate. Any account credit that was on your Republic Wireless account will be moved to your new Boost Infinite account.

When I migrate over will I be charged any extra?
Your monthly recurring payment will not change for your first six months on Boost Infinite. When you migrate, your plan will change to Boost Infinite’s $25/mo. plan. We will provide you a first 6 month discount based on your May 2023 Republic plan, incorporating any current existing plan discounts. For example, if you’re on a $20 plan today with a 10% discount and pay $18, you will get a $7 discount on Infinite for 6 months. ($25-$18 = $7) Or, if your current plan as of May 2023 is a $20 plan, you will get a $5 discount on Infinite for 6 months. ($25-$20 = $5)

What happens after my 6 months?
After 6 months you will move to the regular Boost Infinite monthly plan rate of $25.

What happens to programs such as Beta, Ambassador/ Expert and the second line discount etc.?
These programs end upon transition to Infinite. However, any discounts you have will be reflected in the discount you receive for the first 6 months on Infinite. See above question When I migrate over will I be charged extra?

Why did my credit not go through?
We appreciate your patience - please give us 15 days post activation to move account credits to Infinite. If you believe one is missing our Republic Care will be able to help you out at 833-588-5820.

What will I be charged when a line is removed from my account?
Once you reach month seven, you will be moved to the regular rate plan of $25 per line. During months 1-6, credits are based on each line's May 2023 plan rate; if a specific line leaves, charges, credits and discounts associated with that line will be removed.

I have some lines that are voice and text only, how can I keep them?
The Boost Infinite network supports voice, text and data lines so your line now has all three capabilities.

I just transitioned over to Boost Infinite and my phone is having a problem, who do I talk to about this?
We can help you; please contact Boost Infinite Customer Care at (866) 957-7772.

Do I need to transition my service over to Boost Infinite or can I go to another carrier?
We are happy to help make this transition as easy as possible for you. Please visit our website at or by calling us at 833-588-5820. If you choose not to move to Infinite, you have the option of selecting another wireless carrier, and you will have until 8/30 to do so. If you follow the steps on your SIM pack we’ll help you on Boost Infinite going forward!

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