Activating an Android device from your previous carrier?

If you're bringing your own device to Boost Infinite, there are a few extra settings to update that will ensure you’re getting the most out of our network. Here, we’ll walk you through updating your Access Point Name (APN) settings.


By updating your APN settings, you’ll be able to send and receive multimedia messages (MMS) and use mobile data to connect to the internet.


Finish activating your Android phone


Update your APN settings using the CarrierApp


The easiest and fastest way to update your APN settings is using CarrierApp. CarrierApp runs in the background and isn't displayed in your app menu, but it’ll automatically detect your SIM card and configure your phone for you. 


Step 1. Go to the Google Play Store and install CarrierApp.  


Get it on Google Play


Step 2. Restart your phone.


Step 3. The CarrierApp will update your APN settings for you. 


Keep in Mind:

  • Your Android device will need to be updated to Android 7 or newer for the CarrierApp to work

  • The CarrierApp will only update your APN settings when you've inserted your Boost Infinite SIM card. Installing CarrierApp will not affect your existing APN settings if you're still under your current carrier during the transfer/port to complete

  • Ensure the pSIM is toggled ON within SIM manager

  • Uninstalling the app after you've updated your APN settings will not undo your changes

You’re ready to start using the power of Boost Infinite!

If you need help, please contact Customer Care by dialing (866) 957-8278.